1. Playershops. (Please no Auction House, this is not WoW)
  • You should have the ability to buy Appartmenttypes like Shopappartments with only one usable location like p1 mainstreet or somewhat like that, with cabinets that need you to pay an ownerdefined amount of cash to take things out.

  • Just the owner can take thinks out without paying.

  • This Appartments should be only selled by DRE FSM because DRE is not more worth playing DRE. In every faction the FSM is selling stuff you need the whole time. But in DRE when you bought an appartment no one needs DRE anymore.

Or if not selling that one by FSM a good alternative would be the epic run appa to be this shop appartment. Cause this Storage Cell isnt worth the crap that is in the boxes when you get it, since with unfurnished apps you can have even this amount of storage. See what the other factions giving for epic. Weapons, Vehicles. Always usable. And DRE ? It makes fun from the runners who make the run.

2. Make MB like it was in NC1 NEUTRAL to everyone just not TG ^^ (just kidding)
2. New textures. I.E. better Textures for Wasteland/NPCs/Mobs with some more details.

(3.) As said in brainport: Make construction work like research.