Recently we've had some petty bickering/emails/fussing about "he was rude" "she was nasty" "they are swearing in the help channel" and I'm left scratching my head. There is a simple solution to avoid folks who irritate you: ignore them.

You can do this easily by going into your hypercom, clicking on "ignore" and adding the character's name - in fact you can add several names there.

I get that some of you want to police chat and enforce your opinion of what is and is not appropriate but the easiest solution is to place them on your ignore list.

By fighting/fussing/whining at people to stop saying x, y, and z you empower them and they get off on it. Ignore them and eventually they will run out of people to irritate.

Simple solution to an otherwise complex debate on what is and is not appropriate in a game that is obviously adult oriented (drugs, guns, and boobs...oh my!)

To recap; The ignore list - one of the best game features that has always worked and everyone seems to forget about ;P