Hello Runners!

A few days ago when playing Neocron I snapped out into windows completly without an error message (just that stupid windows pling).. and it did it again a couple time.
The next day it was sheer hell, just dropping out all the time.. about 100 times posibly that day. It seems keyboard related, since it usually drops out when I touch the keybord.
Just one key stroke and im out, but not nesecerily.. sometimes it drops out before the logos are finished loading before the loggin screen without me touching the keyboard or moving the mouse.
But if Im lucky I can actually play for a couple of hours a day before it starts chraching out.

The first thing I did to try to fix this was to remove some junk from the games disk to get more freespace since it had become quite marginal, but no go.
Then I reinstalled the game twise with no go.
I clocked my computer to defual with no go. ( all temps are sweet)
The same day I had a problem with the Norton Recycle Bin when freeing up space, Norton, Explorer and Task Mangaer lock up and im quite unpatient so i hard rebooted the machine.
So I figured it might be an index problem or even disk problem so I scanned the disk with my controller for bad secorts and the index with chkdsk but it was all right.
But the problem is defenetly local so I formated the OS disk, reinstalled the OS..still no go.
Then I formated the games disk (none of them quicky) and reinstalled the game again... Then It actually was playable.... but just for a couple of hours :\\\\\
Lastly since thep roblem seemd keyboard relevant I downloaded my vendors newest driver both for the keyboard and my mouse with no change..

Now im completly out of ideas of what can posible be wrong... and no I dont have a bunch of tray aps running since Neocron is the only thing intalled atm.

So please help me out!
Im so restless and frustrated couse I cant play when I feel like it, im totaly useless for anythingelse.
It almost feels like "god" is stopping me for playing so I can finaly get some homework done.

Relevant Hardware and Software

ABIT-IC7G Motherboard
Intel P4 PC800 2,4GHz CPU
Corsair XMS PC3500 512MB x2 RAM
Daytona GeForce 3 Ti 200 Graphics Card
Tekram DC-390U2W SCSI Controller
Seagate Cheetah 15k rpm disks, 1 for OS and 1 for Games
Creative Agudigy 2 ZS Sound Card
3COM 990 Server NIC
Enermax 550w PSU
Logitech Cordless Delux w/mouse
Full watercooling ^^

WinXP Pro
All drivers and BIOS's are now up to date.

All posibly solutionts are most welcome from my runner Sator and my alts Ramael, Lone Deranger and Moonspel on Uranus for hopefully saving our day ^^