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    Angry Stuck in a Pond.

    Ok so I have just played NeoCron to the extent where I can venture outside the city to explore without getting killed by the nasties out there, however after walking into sector Grasslands B_08 i accidentally backed into a small pond near the fortress and now I can't get out. All I do is sit and bounce around at the edge when I try and walk out.

    Any suggestions or shall I just drown myself and risk losing some equipment?

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    set reset_position 1

    Then you cant move any longer.
    You have to wait for 60 seconds or so.
    Then... *zack* you will be beamed to a safe spot.
    ('Beam me up Scotty')

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    "/set reset_position 1" actually but ok
    oh and the land u want to get onto needs to be pretty flat along the water for u to get up ( yes its annoying)
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    Cheers... I was starting to panic!

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