ok well basically its not been a good weekend.

i normaly get the odd sync stuck bug when i log in now and then
(u know the one with no money and no soullight or items showing)

but this weekedn has taken the piss. when its happerned its taken me at least 30 mins tot get back to normal and ts happerned a lot of times. infact its happernin right now so i thought id post about it.

ive tried resetin my cable etc etc nuttin makes a difference.

also does anyone else seem to get a fair few fatal errors? and if u do is there a fix for this.

also Ive been trying to get this sodding psi PA mission done for past 3 weeks but either the npc has no text or hes not there. can i request that the gm's just stick it in the shops somewhere till u fix it as its takin the piss now and unfair on the monks that are just reaching the lvl to use it. thank u.

i play on saturn btw.