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    Default Patch 186 breaks some files

    Hi everyone,
    Not sure if this has been posted before but the patch broke worldactor.dll for me and my friend and checking files seems to fix it, and also downloads the broken caves_p1.bsp too...
    Hope this helps!


    Ok the worldactor.dll is still broken when I recheck the files...
    A new patch is in order...
    Why does Reakktor allways seem to break stuff when they intend to fix it?????
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    I'm having the same problem

    It really sucks cuz as a result whenever I try to move the game crashes and exits to the desktop.

    Anyone have any ideas when we can see a fix for this?

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    If you're repeatedly being forced to download these things try deleting "Filestofix.inf" - it will be in \Neocron\Patches\
    This will stop the game trying to download this file again.
    I generally avoid the file checker because it's still somewhat buggy, it was improved a fair deal, this patch as I understand....
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    I get that same cave error in my launcher, check files dosen't do anything about it. The game still launched and played fine though, until 2 days ago. Now when I launch the game goes to the screen where you enter your account details, (then the next page is the choose a server to play on) however the game locks up completely at this enter details stage, no boxes come up, no error messages, just nothing. I can't even minimise to desktop or exit game, I have to reset computer. I've tried re-installing, the exact same thing happened. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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