I don't know where to start.

7 days ago we launched the biggest update to Neocron that we've ever done. By biggest, not only in terms of what we delivered, but we had people working on this update for well over 1 year!
5 days ago we got a few hotfixes in from bug reports raised both in-game(which we've not seen in ages!), and via our Discord channels. Some of these hotfixes wouldn't have happened without you reporting them! It is so vital that you report anything that could be a bug (or feature ;)) so we can assess it.
That bring us onto tonight. Well, tonight we hit 100 concurrent players!

From us at the Neocron Support Team, thank you! We genuinely cannot run this game without you, so despite our plans to continually provide updates to this amazing game, without you wanting it, and playing it, it would be nothing.