Hey all, I've finished the first section of the wastelands update and would like to invite you all to test it out. You'll need a combat character between /41 - /45ish to get the most relevant testing as any higher and the rewards won't be scaled so well for you and lower cannot start the mission chain.

All Axx, Bxx, Cxx & Dxx zones updated and these include:
- All wasteland mob ranks increased (a chart will follow with suggested player ranks for each zone)
- The location and types of mobs that spawn are all updated (e.g. each sector is made up of areas and a particular mob type will occupy that area - some areas overlap and conflict between NPCs can break out at times)
- Some additional buildings, decorations, etc placed so please explore
- Removed random obstructions from the road - there are one or two deliberate NPC roadblocks though
- Wastelands should feel more dangerous to just run in a straight line through and using the roads / vehicles should feel more beneficial
- OP layouts changed

Additionally, a new group has been introduced call the "Pathfinders". This NPC group becomes a loosely structured mission path to guide progress through the wastes. The rewards for the missions give XP to your main skills (e.g. a Tank gets rank appropriate amounts of STR and CON XP from the missions) and a shiny weapon for your class.

Please begin your journey at OZ Station where some new NPCs are waiting to greet you!

In particular I'd find it very helpful for feedback relating to:
- Mob HP & dmg they inflict to you
- XP rewards from mission

Chart of wasteland difficulty: https://imgur.com/zuV0Ydv

Happy Hunting!