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    Default so who still checks in??

    keep seeing old names appear in the forum chatter and I remember them yet I cant remember the toons they had in game or RL names. so, who is still around who I spent time with on Terra and Uranus??

    Clans: Deathrow , Regulators, APAS, sYn , Ncat, Unforgiven , Nc Elite , Cobra, LARD, F.E.T.I.S.H , sorry if I missed anyone out, its been about 10 years since I last clocked in.

    Cant remember all my toons.

    Oh noes
    Evil Genius
    Damian Marley
    Sister Bliss

    Figured if im gonna play an open world game on my own, might aswell be NC and not fallout 76. So, who's still around???

    Any of the old mods still here??
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    Neocron is like an ex-girlfriend you keep in contact with in the off chance she might put out. You sleep with her and you feel ashamed because it's not like how you remembered it.

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    Hey man! I was in eXo on Pluto, name of Jesse back then.

    Now Im Questing Beast, Quinn Mallory, Quality Control, etc. I hung around with the Regulators a bit (though never joined) before they suddenly vanished. How's it going?


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    What a refreshing conversation among old Neocron buddys. Let's just wait another month for a reply

    Old NC Veterans take their time from the bathroom back to the gaming center.

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