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    Default Neocron Series of Fighting (NCSF)

    Neocron Series of Fighting (NCSF)

    We (REPO) are proud to announce that we (with the help of the NST) are going to run a 1:1 PVP tournament event. Sign up fee is 100k, the first, second and third place will get 50%, 33% and 17% of the prize pool + event tokens. To take part, you just have to show up there in time.

    When: Sunday July, 26th at 7 pm (CET)
    Where: Foster Underground


    • If time runs out, referee takes screenshot (as proof) of team window when fight time is over. Fighter with higer HLT percentage wins.
    • Buffs, shields, drugs, nanites or heal may be cast during and before the fight
    • Monks must have at least 128 APU (must be able fire Holy Energy Beam) without PA
    • Using the stealth tool during fight leads to disqualification (lost round)
    • No Area of Effect (AoE) weapons
    • No use of LoM pills after you enter the fighting cage


    I am open to discuss and adjust the Rules here or on discord. The main motivation for this event is to provide a pleasant experience for most people, not letting a few people spoil it by using any kind of techniques or methods to gain an unfair advantage. The spirit of this event is to find the best and strongest fighter, so the main strategy to win should be killing your opponent. Excessive playing for time should be avoided.
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