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    I've compiled a list of the some bugs which come to mind when we have been discussing bugs. I encourage players to add any information they have regarding any of these or other bugs to help identify replication scenerios.

    • Crash at sync
    • Crash at in game midnight
    • Sound bug where certain sound effects become incredibly loud
    • Being stuck in the "wavy hands" animation when casting a spell too quickly after switching
    • GR bug where we are charged twice and given double SI
    • "Ghosts" of players being left behind in zones

    Thanks all
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    I'll add to this list an other infuriating bug:

    Sometimes Stealth, PADs, nanites protections, do not apply.

    This happens randomly, on a low percentage with higher chances in crowded pvp.

    How to reproduce ? (higher chance when more people in/out of sync zone)
    PPU PAD or spy stealth, then sync in a dungeon/apt/outside an OP's UG -> about 1/4 times the PAD/stealth is shown in your buff zone, but they are not affecting you.

    It also works only on some players. For exemple I once went to a dungeon in stealth. I was stealthed, the mobs couldn't see me, but an other player could see me without stealth and could target me.

    Same in pvp. Sometimes I exit the UG with stealth, 1/3 of ennemy players can target me, while others see me stealthed.

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