Hi all,

Initial feedback after trying the daily missions:

I used my researcher and found the mission to be easily doable and nice rewards with the additional lube and token.

I feel this was quite expensive to complete. I had to buy x2 eyes which cost about 75k in total for a return of 8k, lube and a token.

I used my constructer and he would only give me the recycle mission to start. Haven't completed it on this character to see what comes after.

Marsh Hippos:
A fine mission but takes alot longer to complete then the tradeskill I had completed for the similar rewards. Perhaps combat should offer more as it takes longer to complete?

Day 1 I completed x2 research missions and was then offered a recycle mission which I didn't do due to the cost.

Day 2 I returned after the 'new mission allocation' message to find he still wanted to give me the recycle mission. I then completed it and was then given research missions again.

Do you have to complete all missions from an npc before the cycle restarts and research / construct could be done again?

Will add more feedback when I complete more of the missions.