Hey there,

Today I launched NEOSKILLER. A tool to test your runner setups.


Feature List (as of now):
  • Create/Save and Load Characters
  • Use Implants on your character
  • Use all Armor and show their effects
  • It is completely MOBILE ready!

The code is open source. I welcome every Frontend Developer to bring in some much needed Pull requests.
Code sits on Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/nabbl/neocron-build-manager/

If you find any bugs or have feature requests please let me know and file an issue under:
Since I don't have THN API access, some items might have the wrong stats.

Planned Features:
  • Share Character builds with your friends
  • Publish Character Builds to show how awesome you are
  • Drugs (coming soon)
  • Show final resist values in % (currently working on reengineering the formula)

Important hint:
Please note that this is BETA. That means that saved chars might break and cant be loaded after an update of neoskiller.

Have fun and stay safe in Neocron