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    Default A few questions from a returning player


    I started playing again two days ago with a new character. So far the game feels nice and the newbie experience is quite good. You also get a lot of help from other runners so this is really nice.

    A few questions regarding the state of the game came up while playing:

    • Runspeed seems pretty high and players are "warping" or having very jerky movement. Is this only on my side? I know back in the days I had to use a frame limiter (to have less than 60 FPS) to fix this problem.
    • Is there double or triple XP going on? I level super fast...
    • My quickbelt and inventory keeps "vanishing" after synching. Any way to fix that?
    • Are vehicles with Heavy Combat still worth it for leveling?
    • Are EPIC weapons working well in PvP? Back in the days you could use the Tangent Speed Gun and Tsunami Epic rifle and with enough skill you weren't completely useless.

    This is all for now. I am sure more stuff will come up while playing
    So far the experience is very enjoyable and balance wise the game feels very fine. Also the Cursed Soul has its old frequency back. Loving it. Good work NST.

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    Bump. I would like to know the answer as well you

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    Regarding warping and FPS:

    The character running animations seem to get messed up when FPS is too high.

    The game actually does have a built in FPS limiter, which by default tries to get FPS to 60. It does take some time to get going though, when you first log in, and I'm not really sure how it works behind the scenes. The game has an fps cap of 90, so when you first log in you'll be at 90 fps and the in-game fps limiter will start to lower fps until you hit the target (60 default).

    You can actually adjust the FPS target in game by using the command:

    /set ctrl_maxfps #

    Setting it to any number higher than 90 will disable it entirely.

    You could use an external tool to limit fps, but you may want to disable the in-game limiter first. I'm not sure if external limiters would actually have any advantage though. I can test it.

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