Gameworld & Content

  • Assigned the correct AI script to "BIG HOVERBOT";
  • Added a new bone enforcement set (Apparition);
  • Added a new armour set (Viper King);
  • Added "No Drop"- flag for WoC 3 Powerarmour;
  • Fixed the NavRay-route to the "Biological Research Lab" (Jones Mission);
  • Added the new Pepper Park "Apartment Complex" to the NavRay;
  • Added Tech Haven apartments to the NavRay;
  • Added Canyon apartments to the NavRay;
  • Added Military Base apartments to the NavRay;


  • Balanced Wisdom of Ceres Powerarmour for all classes;


  • Fixed shading of NC1 NPC models;
  • Fixed some wrong assigned textures;
  • Fixed an over-casting FX effect on hover engines;
  • Created new Laser blade icons (blue/red/orange) and assigned them properly;
  • Added new bone enforcement icons;
  • Added new item icons;
  • Improved visuals for all melee weapons (they're using the 1st person model now);
  • Fixed some attachpositions;
  • Fixed rare-fx positon/rotation;
  • Claws are now shown on the back;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed broken NavRay code, which prevented the system to generate new routes;

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