A friend of mine here in Albuquerque who used to play Neocron recently started playing again (he did not know the game was still running until I mentioned it).

After about a week he asked about the character restore, and used to restore his old character, Skilly Skillster.

Skilly Skillster had a lvl 3 TH apartment in lift 1B as his home apartment (he seems to remember that was a purchased apartment that he had set as his home apartment before the character was archived). The key to this apartment did not survive the character restore.

The door works just fine for him, it recognizes him as the owner. In that apartment, he was able to place exactly -1- cabinet before starting to get the error message 'You are not allowed to place objects here.' He was able to put items into that cabinet. Now, when trying to remove the items, he gets the 'Locked. Only the apartment owner can open this.' No more furniture can be placed, and the cabinet cannot be emptied, so we cannot experiment with removing it to see if it would let him do it.

Now here is where it gets REALLY weird.

We figured no problem, just forget about the old busted home apartment that he was restored with, and get a brand new one. He got another lvl 3 TH apartment in the lift next door to it (TH-1A). Again, the door recognizes him, lets him in just fine. But again, he cannot place any furniture, getting the message 'You are not allowed to place objects here.'

To test out the nature of this bug, he then gave me the key, and I activated it. I went to the apartment and was able to place objects as normal. I gave the key back to him, he reactivated it, went to the apartment, and can STILL not place objects in the apartment. We swapped login info (I know youre not supposed to, but we've been friends in real life for almost 40 years). I logged in as him, and tried to place furniture, but received the same error message, so the bug is not just on his end.

Any help would be appreciated, he's happy to have the restored character back, but if no apartments will work for it, he'll have no real way to use the character.

Thanks very much! His ingame names are Skilly Skillster, Lubbabubba, Tubbabubba, and Whatabubba. I'm Quality Control, Questing Beast, etc.