We've been having a lot of events lately. I'm enjoying them, in the old days I rarely attended. I'm not big on the Madness ones because... AoE is kinda broken (especially if you have no LE), but I still go and do what I can. But I have noticed a couple things. One big one occurred to me today.

When we're teleporting to an Event Zone, there should be a way to get back on your own. Sometimes these events take a long time, and a player may have to leave. There should be an easier way than /set kill_self 1 (shooting yourself in the head and dropping items into an otherwise inaccessible zone), or asking a GM for a ride back, as I had to do today (thanks for the lift guys, sorry I had to keep harassing you about it on the Help channel). Add a Genrep to that area, or even just a hatch (like you use at the end) that brings you back to Plaza.

This is not just important for people who need to log off and don't want to do it in the event zone, but its important because you don't really know what the event is going to shape up to be, and you should be able to go back to your apartment, swap equipment, and come back. I remember one guy at the Easter Event didn't get the message about no AoE, but had only brought an AoE weapon, and had a lot of trouble figuring out what to do from there. Even beyond that... different situations require different equipment, you want to be able to swap armors or sometimes even implants in a PvE fight (rather than fighting with your PvP build in a non PvP fight). Anyway, just a thought.

While I'm here, I want to say I really appreciate the events. It's a good community builder, for one thing, but ... it really does... tie the room together, as I guess The Dude would say. Thanks a bunch.