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    Default Additional Quickaccess Belt


    Often Requested, an additional Quickaccess bar would be very useful.

    I do believe however that the RPOS is hardcoded and not that easy to change? Some alternative Ideas:

    Allow Boosters and Medkits to Stack to 249
    - Quick to Implement and would help me so much :-)!

    (Instead of 249x3 just up to 249 which can be dragged into the RPOS)

    Allow Spells to be casted from the Inventory with rightclick use
    - No Idea if this is even doable but it would help a lot as well.

    Thanks and Regards


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    I was just thinking this today while lvling a monk, I think that a quick bar/belt similar to how its done in factorio, 2 rows one row is primary the other secondary, then toggle them with a hotkey so primary becomes secondary and secondary becomes primary. Hope that makes sense, people that have played factorio will understand what I mean, effectively you would have 2 quickbelts with one in focus and the other available with a hotkey, hotkey changes the focus.

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    1000x yes. Or possibility of holding a modifier key (such as alt) to switch to "second" belt?

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