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    Default Weapon Damage Project or Not ?

    Hello Everyone as first i apologyze for the bad english...
    I made this post because i would like to get some real Informations about the " weapon balance "
    I would like to know very simple things like :
    -Do something will change in weapon dmg in PvE / PvP or not ?
    -If not because GMs wants " balance PvP dmg " is there a way to get better PvE damage ?
    I think about something like a special MOD named " Grim Executor " that double damage in PvE or only against NPC and reduce damage by 50% in PvP or against a PC...
    I know that GMs reduce max health of some Mobs but it's still not enough imo... just look at the difference on a Creed before & after weapon balance , no lie , same char , same weapon , same Terrormauler...
    Creed DMG.jpg
    Ok creed's dmg could be little high... but it does JUST 3.64x less dmg.... ( 164 x 3.64 = 596.96 ) it sound too much for me...
    That's why i ask , i just wanna know if it will remain like this or not...
    Sorry for distrubing people about this one more time but i do really love this game...

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    Additional Information :
    Just another exemple , comparative dmg / stats on a S.T.O.R.M laser TL 90 and Creed rare lasercannon tl 114
    The Rare one just do 23 more dmg per hit and 8/min fast shooting AND -16 meter less range
    Attachment 12818
    Of course i shoot the " head " i mean the top of the Hitbox...
    What the real point to use a rare weapon like this so... , and for this exemple the Creed is a Hunting weapon...
    this is just for a complete exemple of the real problem for me, i dont speak about the tons of ammo needed for kill a /64 raptor etc....
    Oh yeah and last thing , if you just wanna reply " i can use it , no problem for me stfu you noob " don't lose your time i just want some REAL answers...
    Thanks for reading

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    So ? no one for answer ? do gms didn't said anything on weapon balance project ?

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    We have lowered the Mob HP in general, also improved "Mob Armour" (Yes, even a Mob has armour in NC).
    It's still a thing we're working on.

    Just tested the DMG Output on my own, seems okay to me, tbh - But we can discuss it, ofc, and after this we can decide what to do.

    Related to your second post:
    Creed deals more damage, which is fine.
    You also have to consider:
    Stats (Frequence, Handling etc.) + your own Skills (Creed needs more HC as the STORM Laser for instance, and the Creed weapon has a higher TL).
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