Anyone having issues with stutter in some locations? For instance, when I am in P2 running towards the big stairway, there is a spot I always hitch (for perhaps half a second). I also sometimes drop frames when beginning to use weapons, or when first entering aggie celler (say 10 seconds after loading, halfway into the first room).

I've capped fps to 58 through rivatuner server and I have a 4700k at 4.4ghz paired with a 1080ti and 16gb 2400mhz ddr3. NC is installed on a Samsung 970pro NVME ssd. Should be sufficient hardware that this is not expected behavior even if my cpu and ram are a tad old..

I get this behavior in both fullscreen and windowed mode. Changing level of detail doesn't seem to help. Changing Big Shot Lights and Shot Lights Cast Shadows might help a little, but could be placebo.

Anyone else have any issue like this?