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    Default Jankins Lab access

    Jankins Lab is currently open for all (not the GR, but access to bonuses)... but I cannot get the bonus there. I was on yesterday and they opened it for me, but ... same thing. I can get the bonus at other open areas (yesterday I went to CRP when Jankins would'nt work), so it doesn't appear to be my character, it appears to be the lab.


    Edit: It seems like the settings are just not intuitive - Fireblade opened the lab -all-the-way- and the bonus came up, but ... as I said, it was not evident that you'd also have to open up the GR to get the bonus.
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    Ok, so this turns out to be a REALLY interesting one. Turns out my reported fix (messing with the lab settings) was just coincidental - that did not fix it. Watch as I describe the weirdness.

    So +45 research from implants. I log on at the lab, and have the base +45 from imps, nothing from the lab - even though the little lab-bonus icon is appearing in the lower right of my screen. I talk to the lab owners, no one has any idea what is going on. They recommend I relog. I relog several times - each time staying out 3 minutes to make ABSOLUTELY sure that I'm all the way out of the game. Still, I'm at my base +45 research, nothing from the lab. I decide to Zone out and Zone back in, so I run out and exit the Zone. When I'm in the new zone, I check my skills window - my research bonus has dropped to +31, LESS THAN the base bonus from my implants. I log out for 3 minutes, and log back in, and my base bonus has jumped back up to +45, where it should be based on my implants. I zone back into the lab sector, and BLAM, I'm now getting the lab bonus. I have no idea whether I had the bonus all along and it just wasn't appearing in my skills window, or what at all causes this issue. But at least I was able to figure out what to do if it happens again (it seems to happen REALLY often when logging in while already at a lab). I don't know if this only happens at labs or if it would also happen with CST and a factory. Anyway, just wanted to give a more detailed report - I hope it is useful to you.


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