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    Default Yul Porter Conversation Bug

    There seems to be a bug with Yul Porter in the Next HQ. When running tl 150 research missions, sometimes he will not let me out of conversation when turning in the mission. Basically, it stays at the same screen, and I can neither hit escape or end the conversation through dialogue, it just repeats the same screen. I'm not sure how to reproduce the bug - but it has happened a couple times while doing the missions, so it should be easy to demonstrate, I just don't know exactly what triggers it.

    It seems like it might be a recursion bug, or something like that - I swear I've seen that behavior before.... but without a look at the code, I don't really know what is causing it. I have to manually close the game and restart it to escape the conversation.

    Thanks for checking into it, guys!
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    I should point on this one, in case it is unclear - the game doesn't lock - it closes down the old conversation window and opens a new one, you can see it happening.

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