This problem is most noticeable at the MB bunker killing launchers. There are a couple ways to reproduce this, the easiest is by standing on the edge of the roof and trying to reliably spawn barrels on the ground 5-10 feet away from the building. The results are either a) Nothing happening or b) the barrel spawning at the edge of the room doing damage only to the caster.

Can also be tested when crouching in the window, although it works a little better here, but 2 times out of 5 it'll hit the edge of the window and spawn right under you.

Last place is when trying to spawn barrels through doorways, like in the bunker. If you are in the bunker and target a spot on the ground say 5-10 feet outside on the other side of the doorway it will either do nothing or spawn just inside of the doorway.

In conclusion it seems like aiming barrels down from a height seems to greatly limit their range and the spawn point of them seems to get hung up on doorways and edges even if the recticle is no where near those edges. Like the line used to do a line track is huge and it's just hitting objects on the way to the target destination and then spawning on the first edge it hits.