I was rolling a few new characters to check their starting gear and encountered a bug with the 2nd recycle mission(Erza Reid needs two Entrails).
The first character did this mission with no problems, on the second character, I returned to Erza Reid with 9 Small Entrails in my inventory and he told me that I still needed to bring the 2 entrails, I managed to complete this mission finally after aborting and accepting the mission several times.
On the 3rd character I returned to him with 13 Small Entrails in my inventory and it the mission would not complete again, even after I tried aborting and accepting the mission five or six times and relogging, then set kill_self, none of which worked.
I deleted that toon and rolled another and returned to Erza with exactly two Small Entrails in my inventory and it was completed.
It seems like bringing back too many Entrails confuses the NPC.

*A couple of things with this mission, although not bugs, are Erza asks for "Entrails" instead of "Small Entrails"(possibly gets messed up in translation?), it was a little confusing the first time I did it.
Also, in the mission dialogue it states to kill Scorpions and Crabs to get the Entrails, neither of which drop them, the Snakes do, could be confusing for a new player.

One other dialogue issue could be in the third or fourth recycle mission where the scientist asks you to buy a weapon to blueprint, he requests a "Shabby" quality weapon for the drone, heavy weapon and I think the TL 10 APU spell versions, but for the Mendicant Rifle it doesn't state item condition just "Mendicant Rifle", both Better and Shabby are available from the MC5 vendors, I completed it with the Shabby version, but haven't tried it with a Better quality one.
I'm just wondering if there's a check for the item quality for the mission, there's a difference of around 1500-2000NC between the two, and it could leave a noob without enough NC to buy the correct one if it's necessary to complete the mission.