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    It's got to that point in time where you should just bite the bullet and join force's with the Neocron classic team... You've had this version up and running over 5 years now, some great changes have been made over the years.. and some not so welcomed change, but regardless of what's happened, the player-base right now is almost non existent with less than 10 active members. Maybe you could get off your high horses, sit together like adults and try to pool your resources and deliver a version of Neocron that the community is keen to play!!

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    I think Coca-cola should join forces with Pepsi because the both make cola too. They should change the name to Nuka Cola so that neither one loses out.

    This is a good idea because I just had it as well.

    I am very sorry Bob but honestly this is a pipedream - of our two ideas I think mine has more chance of happening. If there was ever going to be a sharing of ideas between the two groups it would have happened before Lykos left this group. There is far more to this whole story than you or I are privy to and thus we should let sleeping dogs lie. The two have their own priorities and are autonomous in their own way. Whether this is a good thing or a bad one is not for us to decide, the only influence we have is whether to log in or not. I think this thread could very quickly become flame bait however so I will stop now before going down that road.
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    Bob the current neocron classic edition isn't even currently playable right now they took the server down. There was a lot of personal issue in debate between people regarding this development team and the team now at the classic edition. Not only that but do the classic edition hasn't had a patch in months. If anything this version has more development activity than the other that we can clearly see publicly. Not even just that but I was very well focused and ready to pledge a significant amount of money towards the classic additions development but there were people within the development team whose maturity levels I did not appreciate. The classic edition hardly had any other players either so what's the difference? What is the point you're trying to make? I don't think you should be attacking the Community Edition steam because of personal issues you have with changes. The classic edition is also far from being anything readily playable for release which is to be expected taking the development necessary into account. I personally think you should lay off on these attacking threads. I've said my fair share of personal attacks against this development team as well and unfortunately I cannot take back the things I said and I truly regret it.

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    We have different visions for the game and, speaking personally, I think a bit of competition is healthy for everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by AgentKane View Post
    I've said my fair share of personal attacks against this development team as well and unfortunately I cannot take back the things I said and I truly regret it.
    Water under the bridge. Don't sweat it.
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