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    since gentanks have no use for psi gloves, i think they deserve gentak only gloves with h-c, m-c and r-c.

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    or just some additional resists.

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    100 hundred times this!
    Iím going to become rich and famous after I invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Throgar View Post
    since gentanks have no use for psi gloves, i think they deserve gentak only gloves with h-c, m-c and r-c.
    Don't forget about adding P-C.

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    While i in general support the idea of gloves for tanks, it brings up the question why spies wouldnt get combat gloves as well.
    However, i have an idea for an alternate approach.
    Gloves that come with another item, similar to a stealth tool (as i dont see another way of how my idea would work).
    The idea behind this is to offer a small "buff" to the user that works like a Perk in other games.
    Biggest Problem for any close combat char is getting close without dieing. Pistol, melee, apu. For Apu however i came up with a different, easy solution that im about to post in a new thread.
    A 10,20,30 (tier 1,2,3) seconds defense boost that works like a shield and reduces incoming damage (from mobs) would be one possibility.
    Or an attack boost, that increases damage over the same amounts of time.
    Or a Speed buff, which lets you run at double speed for 1,3,5 seconds, but just in a straight line (or teleport a given distance). im especially thinking of melee tanks here.
    For every "perk" you would need the right glove and the proper device in quickbelt to utilize it. There should be "cooldown times", a nother buff, that has to run out before reuse the device would do the trick.

    edit: cooldown times for using stealth tools would also be nice xD

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