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    Default weapon skill and accuracy


    id like to discuss the context of weaponskill and accuracy.

    as example, now i use a plasma rifle DEX: 70 R-C: 100 T-C: 68 and i have ~ 80 weapon lore and 157 rifle combat skill.
    im still missing 50% of all shots and the damage is shown as 47(48).

    so how much r-c and weapon lore do i need to hit at least 95%?
    least to say that i can only hit a maximum of 170 r-c with that character.

    how should i ever use a high end weapon if i will miss all the time?
    are plasma rifles bugged? what rifles can you recommend?

    neocronclient 2018-08-06 19-50-31-60.jpg

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    ok so First : basically all the non rare plasma rifle / canon miss a lot of shot i've always rage about this when i was using this kind of guns , that's why i never use them anymore...
    Second : it look like you don't wait for your reticle to be fully closed to shoot your burst and obviously that miss shots...
    Third : Only rare plasma rifle / canon / pistol shoot like 90% of mag size into the target it's like "random" i don't really know why , sometimes your 4 shots hit the target ans sometimes 3 of them are on the floor...
    I tried to use a tl 40 ish plasma with a capped char and i still miss a lot so it's not a matter of skill point unfortunatly...
    I hope i helped you ... have a productive day runner

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    to 2nd: the shots were fired with fully closed reticle. but i need to release the mouse and hit the print button to make a screenshot. and the mobs move around in the time.
    so we can say that plasma weapons are broken. thank you.
    i think ill go for the tangent epic laserrifle or get a sniper crafted.

    thank you

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    It's a problem across the board with burst fire weapons, even pistols have a problem with it. SMGs, Gatlin guns, automatic pistols are all rendered useless. Not only do most shots miss but the damage on actual hits is pitiful. As a result you get better accuracy and damage with single fire weapons which limits the choice for weapons down to pistols and nail guns.

    Weapon balance is broken at the moment. Rare weapon damage is inconsistent and I know weapon damage has been scaled so that non-rares can compete, but it just hasn't manifested in a balanced way. Now most weapons are useless.

    I'd test some more weapons out but this new launcher is so bloody fiddly I can't get on the test server.
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    i think there are 2 things need to be done.
    at first, missing is no fun. please fix weapons missing alot, even if damage need to be lowered if they would do to much damage.
    second, the weapon overhaul that intended to give more variety is to much.
    -> as pe even going pure into a combat skill, the best thing to use would be one of the epic quest weapons.
    and im sure (and also read) that even gentanks going full into hc cant get max damage even with lower tl weapons.
    i've seen noone using high level rares.

    the only weapons used are pretty much sniper rifles, or laser weapons.

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