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    Default bugs i came across so far

    1. subway hovercabs (or how they are called) have a broken door closing animation
    2. health is increased or decreasd always i increments of 8. -> one loses 8, 16, 24 ... health or always gains health in ticks of 8
    3. crahn heal isnt affected by psi power, passive psi use
    - the info of the items shows as example 9(6) heal per tick and total of 143, but only heals in ticks of 8 and only 80 total
    4. graphical bug at the cyclops bunker around the military base. big gray flat planes that change to mobs or trees once the player
    get close enough
    5. the law enforcer reduces xp and credit gain. also it is intended right now, i think the penalty of having one brainplain short is
    6. agressors and agressor captains dont cause any sounds. they just move around randomly doing ghost damage. no attack
    7. pretty much all mobs i came along so far do miss attack animations
    8. mobs anymore drop their weapons. weapon as loot made lvling easier and were also a good way to make money.
    right now i cant make enough credits to keep up with all my upgrades and repairs etc
    9. random crashes leaving sewers in pepper park
    10. mobs do run trough walls
    11. random lock up on actions around the cyclops bunker. looting, mob interaction etc stops. (only relog helps)
    12. some mobs do to much damage for their lvl -> black roaches, deseased rats

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    13. i cant start trade with another player. the option to trade when i right click a player isnt selectable (top of 4)
    14. multishot weapons tend to miss far far far to much. i have 156 rc now (+ ~ 80 weapon lore) and my tl 70 plasma rifle often miss all shots and its about 50% hitrate at all. (the weapon itself is very good crafted with 110%+ on each stat and damage 120%)
    it happend with a low tech rifle at start too, but i thought it was the bad quality of the vendor weapon.
    15. npc tend to get stuck in those elevation beams.

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