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    Default im back after years and a bit lost


    i started a new tank like my first character ~16 years ago.
    i remember mutants dropping weapons of various quality with slots.
    right now all they drop are bone implants and trash. i still use my starter weapon which is
    almost broke and the shops only sell items that are worse.

    so now im a bit lost. do mobs anymore drop weapons?
    any tips?

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    I'll level with you - you might struggle to get new weapons when the population is this low and there are very few trade skillers. Try and find a player who might have some old newbie weapons they can pass you down.

    Least the game is a lot more challenging now.
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    ask for tradeskill like research/cst in help channel, i never used droped guns back in the day, they only were good for money.
    get your weapons build, that's how it's done.

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    Revamped Job Center can be a good start. Missions are easy (but long and boring, especially crankered plant extermination) but they give good quality starting gear as reward.

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