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    This thread was closed although most of the issues still stand , its been 12months since i started that thread , all we have seen since then is a declining population.... in the history of neocron i have never seen such a pocket sized player base , with 20 max runner's including duel logs... it came to light recently when running a gm supported pvp event which showed really how appauling the player interest is right now , not one team signed up for it..... Im sure right now if you stripped out the last 2 years of "progress" you would have a lot more stable game and happier overall playerbase than you have right now.

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    i dont think so. Changes were needed. Content was and still is needed.
    But it is arguable how and in which steps the changes came.
    Weapon and Vehicle balance. A lot didnt like it. Made farming a whole lot harder too, unless in vehicles.
    Armour balance. Armour too tough first, again a lot of people pissed.
    Now the pve balance. Mob changes seem ok so far, but the new launcher and "infrastructure", thats keeping some from connecting is something that mustnt be happening with this few people.

    But theres no absolute need for rares now, which also buffs the PE class. I love my HC PE at 91(,9) STR who can use f42 flamer and WA. Hybrids are back and fun to play, too. Farming in general is easier again now, Vehicle damage nerfed.

    And yes, theres also a lot more that needs fixing but maybe never will.
    Get people back to look at the changes or find new players.

    edit: the community also did its part in thinning out the playerbase. Cutthroat market prices are just an example
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    Hi, do any of the bugs you say still exist not already have reports in the bug forum? Thanks.
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    Is there an estimated time on when account creation is back online ? A friend of me would love to try out the game !

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