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Yes, windows 10 is up to date
tried repair/cleanup, uninstalled and reinstalled game and launcher several times, admin rights to neocronclient, admin rights to launcher, i even switched dns on my routers and rebooted them

also added exceptions for avast not to scan the launcher and subfolders
nc is allowed in firewall rules

i dont get any error messages at all, i still cant get past login, and on my homeserver too xD

edit:with the high gpu usage by the launcher and now the exclusion of my not so powerful machines, i get the impression only more powerful machines are supposed to login and do some mining for you

edit2: oh yeah, almost forgot, updater.ini is identical to the ones on the working machines
win up2date laucher works fine no erros at applog no errors at nc logs no errors at event viewer cant pass the :updating game data"