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    After the latest update to 244, I've notice that alt tab is getting slower and it take 4 seconds to switch screen vs split second switch screen with patch 243. And when I try to alt tab out and back in to the game the mouse won't work like patch 243 does. I'm not too sure whether this is a new feature deliberately implemented to the game but I much prefer the previous patch which allows players to alt tab switch screen quickly, especially helpful when some runners are dual logging. Is there any chance to make the alt tab just like it was before patching? Thanks

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    this problem was associated with the windows 10 64bit enterprise version 1803, the 1709 version works fine but alt tab multiple times might cause the client to crash.

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    Find out the problem, the windows 10 1803 update implemented a new feature called focus in game mode, I need to disable manually to eliminated the problem with alt tab lag, and everything works fine afterwards. This problem has nothing to do with the neocron client so I just wanted to clarify the cause of the problem and hopefully if any other player having alt tab lag if you're dual logged with windows 1803, just go to windows setting and disable everything within the gaming section.

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    I had this too, so thanks for mentioning it. It was actually causing my mouse to stop working in-game sometimes, too. Hopefully the focus "feature" is disabled now, though.

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