Hi Community,

We need more people to speed things up but we need people we can rely on. You may not have noticed but over the last 24 months we've seen many volunteers come and go. A painful truth is that training those people, inducting those people, uses a lot of resources. Resources we could use elsewhere.

We see people leave from time to time due to frustration; be it with working in a remote team, with Neocron's archaic technology and sometimes due to how long it takes to get anywhere with… anything.

Recently we've seen our internal numbers decrease somewhat for a variety of reasons and now we're putting out the call to improve that situation.

What you need to know:
• Neocron started development in the late 1990s. That’s the better part of 20 years ago.
• Let that sink in for a moment. A lot of the technology under the hood is almost 20 years old.
• 20. Years. Twenty.
• Our tool chain is better than it was in 2012 but it still suffers from many issues, it takes time and patience to implement things into Neocron.
• You may get frustrated that you cannot change the world over night.

What we need from you:
• You need to have a decent amount of time to contribute.
• You need to have patience and be self-motivating.
• You need to take the initiative and try to solve problems without constant support.
• You need to want to help improve Neocron, like, really want to help improve Neocron.
• You need to have the following skills:
o Proficient in ASP.NET MVC or
o Proficient in creating 3D models, animations and textures in any toolset
o It will be plus if you have experience in Blender and old Versions of 3DS Max
• You need to be able to adapt to apply you skills across tool sets, that includes creating and developing against older technology.
• You need to party like it’s 1999.

What are we looking for:
• http://www.neocron-game.com/jobs

If you think you can help us reach our aims, understand the challenges ahead and can contribute what we need, please do get in touch.

You can do so by dropping us a line at applications [at] neocron-game.com.

Please include relevant references and examples of work with your application, including some text about yourself and how you meet the specification outlined in this post.

While we do need to improve Neocron's content offering, we have purposefully left that role out of this list. There are many gaps in an efficient tool chain for this area, gaps we need to fill to prevent losing further talented writers and creators to frustration.

We look forward to hearing from you.