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    Default Grenades. Where to buy them.

    Weapon vendors seem only to sell grenades TL5 and TL 16. Starting TL21, none of the listed on TH as available to be bought from vendors greandes are to be found anywhere.

    Searched around normal vendors in Neocron as well ran cirlcles all over the Military base, but there seem to be none.

    So where can one buy those grenades?

    21 Trash Hand Grenade
    31 Hand Grenade
    52 Tangent Hand Grenade

    Also, are Flamethrowers broken? Tried to use them and basically not hit anything even point blank.
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    Not sure about the grenades.

    Flamer is very hard to hit with - but it does good damage when it does. I usually give them a miss when levelling up though.

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