A new Patch is available for Vedeena!

Gameworld & Content

  • fixed wrong model of Agent Jones in Viarosso Sec 3;


  • Tech Haven Sector 1, 2 & 3 reworked;
  • added new stores, NPCs, Guards and decorations in TH;
  • Fallen Angel character are now starting their live in Tech Haven;
  • Mrs. Jones found her way to TH, to help new runner;
  • a new apartment was added to TH;
  • you can now buy apartments with fix locations in TH;
  • the "Malfunctioniong WarBot" (NX Epic) has left E07;
  • several NPCs (Mrs. Jones' missions) were added to the world in all TH sectors;
  • fixed ambient sounds in TH;
  • fixed/adjusted sound volumne in TH;
  • removed lift music from Tech Haven, it now has traditional atmospheric music;
  • new apartment: the unfurnished version is now working as intended;