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    Default R#236 pulse laser rifle bug

    the new "burst mode" the pulse laser rifle uses did something to the gun ability to hit a target , out of 5 or 6 pulses only around half lands at target , the pulses are shot randomly in the aiming direction and what hits , hits.

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    Which TL weapon is this?

    Also, what's your weapon lore like, and were you moving/standing/crouched when aiming.

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    that was TL26 rifle , now i use TL 70 plasma rifle and with WEP 120 i still can land only 75% shots from up close and with 100% reticule at target.

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    from what i've noticed this issue is only with some multishot weapons , single shot like laser,fusion or sniper have no issues with that , assault rifle also has no problem at all , i had about 90% hit ratio with only 50 wep i had from the start and it was TL 44? assault rifle.

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    Few months back Aegir was changing the burst weapon accuracy on test server, im not sure if that is on retail yet.

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