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    Default Someone should pay attention to this before advetising the game


    Recently I installed Comodo suit and this is what happened when ran NC: it says that NC does have a zero day vulnerability.

    I know that some AV detects some part of the code as a virus, but that means a less use from players that do not know NST or do not trust NST.


    Here is a cap of the warning, it's in spanish (sorry) but you can check that the warning is real.

    BTW, did not know exactly where to post this, so, decided for the "guides & questions"... would be really nice to get an answer about why does NC uninstaller are detected as a ZDV or any ETA related to solve it.

    Thank you.

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    First off the latest download at https://www.neocron-game.com/client-download is virus free and this has been checked today.

    Now I note you picked up a virus in neocron2-uninstall.exe which is a filename used in a much older installer that hasn't been distributed for nearly a year.

    So can you let me know

    1. Where you downloaded the installer from.
    2. The full filename of the installer you used.
    3. If you can give me one of the following SHA1, SHA256 or MD5 checksums on the installer file.

    If you don't know what version you installed, you can check in Apps and Features on Windows 10 - it will tell you which version was installed. You will need to click on the application to get the version number.

    Neocron Support Team
    N E O C R O N - G A M E . C O M

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    Thanks for your response. I guess that you are aware that I was not complaining about this, I knew that there was not virus inside, but new players would stop playing due to something like this. It happened in the past, not sure, a couple of years ago, with Norton, yet ignored by the same reason, but in this case, be a ZD vulnerability may have a wider impact.

    About your questions:

    1) I downloaded it from the NC site, but, it was a lot of time... maybe years ago. Can not exactly say, Ive been playing NC since the beginning, downloaded installer several times since today.
    2) Can not tell you the name of the installer, it was deleted after installation and it was time ago.
    3) Can not by the same reason.

    Version, it's

    Have realized that other file, neocronclient.exe was sent to the Comodo's service called Valkyrie to be reviewed. Not yet flagged but being checked.

    Tell me if you need any more, would really glad to help... go on with the nice work

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