Droners currently have 3 types of drones: scout drones (barely used?), AoE drones, and single target drones. Wouldn't it be a nice addition to see droners have some additional drones available? Ideas below. Please post your ideas/suggestions too!!

Stealth Drone: this drone is the rare scout drone, none has a better range! Using primary fire uses up 'ammo' which stealths it for one minute. True sight breaks stealth.

Bomber Droner:
A mini hoverbomber that can carpet bomb miniature versions of the real hoverbomber's bombs. It still hurts though, but probably around 10%. It also is different in that it drops 3 to 5 bombs, one after another, and then you have to wait to shoot again (reload time)

Infrared drone: best built to find those sneaky runners you know are there, but are nearly impossible for you to locate otherwise. Does zero damage (or 50 percent as much?). Walls reduce infrared range by 2/3. It can only see through stealth if balance people / lore people can agree. If someone can post related lore about stealthers here, thanks in advance.

Post you own new drone types below as well as your comments!