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    Sounds pretty cool thanks a bunch

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    Just seen that. Thats amazing work!

    Is Damage dealt not part of the log files anymore?

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    Hi runners !

    For those who still have problem using that tracker a quick tip : command line must be very well written, for me it didn't work just because I held a \ at the end of the log folder path... ( it ended with ...\logs" instead of ...\logs" ).

    The good way to make it work is :

    Prompt>neoscan watch "runner name" "logs path" /that's if you want real time tracking


    Prompt>neoscan scan "runner name" "logs path" /that's if you want a deep scan of your log files for resist tracking

    Any filter option like -h to filter health should be placed between the runner name and the logs path :

    Prompt>neoscan watch "runner name" -h "logs path" /real time tracking but with health filtered

    Feel free to ask if you have any other question and I'll try to answer if possible
    Have a nice day runners !!

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