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    Well, I got my char transfered over and the 150k, but for some reason he has absolutely no implants, items in quickbelt, or inventory... RIP me I guess. Got a max strength tank and no gear for em, lol

    Shoulda had lots of nice rares/mc5/implants
    Melkaba - Melee Tank
    Demented - HC Tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by danmalone View Post
    I wish I knew this prior to doing a transfer - I transferred a character only to find it was empty when infact I thought it had stuff within it's inv/QB, oh well. I can only hope that future/further transfers will be allowed as had I known that particular character was empty I'd have opted for something else instead
    Same for me - gutted. I got too excited and didn't read any of the above - oh well

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