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    Default barter balancing

    Hi all,

    I have a barter, about INT 83... and I use him a lot, to buy large amounts of items, probably over 100 million in purchases so far! (3-5 month span of time.) You would expect that I would have leveled up to the next INT level with that excessive barter usage... sadly, this is not the case. (I should note I sell on my barter too, spells and collected junk)

    Today, I finally thought about comparing buying 1 item, 2 items, etc. To my dismay, it looks to me (please correct me if I am wrong) that barters get the same XP no matter the quantity of items purchases.

    Here is what I would like to see:

    1. barters should level the slowest in the game, compared to any class.
    2. barters should still be able to level up by bartering
    3. quantity should matter when buying
    4. buying several items back to back gives you single XP for only the first item... you have to pause 15 seconds between buying... who would expect XP to work like that?

    I'm open to corrections about how barter XP works, but this has been my experience. I think a re-work of barter XP would be nice... then I can stay barter and level up (although slowly) as opposed to being required to LOM to something different to cap my barter.

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    I think the timer between purchases is to prevent exploiting the system. If you had millions of credits to just spend on crap you could basically begin the game with an 0/2 char, give him the money and have him level intelligence by buying weapon parts by the millions and cap his intelligence or boost it to a significant level.

    However, that said - I agree completely with your other points. Perhaps barterers could get a lump of XP per cost saving, or perhaps the barter skill would have a sliding scale according to the TL of the item bought/sold? there are any number of ways to do it but yes barter does need some work to improve its functionality to the user beyond just saving money.
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    I realize this thread is years old, but you could always give the barterer int-xp equal to the amount of cash SAVED. So you'd basically have to be serious about going into bartering in order to make it profitable, even with large sums of money. At that point, it would be easier to just research your way up and then Lom to whatever, so I don't think it would be an unbalancing source of xp.


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