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    Default Windows 10 Black screen on exit

    Two related issues:

    One - Alt - tab in game gives a black screen, alt - tab again puts me back in game

    Two - Exiting game results in black screen -

    Press Esc to get back to login screen
    At login screen press Esc or click Exit, confrim comes up
    Click Yes
    Splash screen
    Left click or Esc

    Then get a Black screen

    Windows is running can talk via Skype but cant see it

    Work arround -
    If I do Ctrl - alt - Del (stiil back screen) down arrow once (to switch user) rtn
    takes me to windows login screen At that point screen reappears

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    Running windowed, or in fullscreen? SOunds like it's a windows problem i remember that happening to me when alt-tabbing out of full screen games at one point.

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