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    Question eve is boring. Does this old game run a MacOS, yet?

    .. coz I'm bored and not found anything to replace NC and still have an MBA and am broke.

    ( and cannot afford Eve anymore and it's boring ).

    Port to Mac and I'll role play silliness. I don't see the former happening, but I could also win the lottery.

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    Hi. You should be able to get this running on Mac using Wine.

    You could also use PlayOnMac. I currently have Neocron running on Linux no problem.

    I'll go ahead and post what install components I know you need some of them might not be necessary. I went ahead and went with PlayOnLinux/Mac's default steam install options because i figured they'd get a lot of what i needed from the get go

    So first you need to grab PlayOnMac:

    Then you want to do Click Install a Program and Click Games and go to Steam Go ahead and let it do it's thing, this will install the Windows version of Steam, don't worry it won't effect your OSX version of steam, and your windows games SHOULD run through it, they might need some additional configuration, and may need their files move to a different wine bottle.

    I think the only thing i had to add after this was quartz and mfc40 and mfc42 if you try to launch Neocron Client and it fails it will tell you why in the Error log, it'll be due to something missing and just go into the configure pannel Clickt he Components tab and install the needed component.

    I'll eventually make a more detailed guide to this later.

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    I had a similar question, and I don't know how I did forget about Wine!
    Thanks for a reminder I appreciate that.

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    Eve is free to play now albeit with limited number of skills and skill points, but eve is indeed boring, I farmed one of 2003 characters skill points to create those skill point injectors thingies, sold those got about 35 billion isk, still its terrible game so boring... I could have 1 trillion isk and It would still be a boring game after I massacred many noobs at jita gates.

    Don't play eve online

    Eve use to be fun now it isn't because the devs listened to all the whiny ass bitches getting destroyed in highsec, the soul of eve died in 2005 - 2007 ish it went into a death spiral, the economy is ruined the game is full of elitest pricks that think everything should be regimental, your born you do tutorials, join a corp in a nullsec alliance and you basically only ever see pvp when it suits them and not when I've got them held at a gate or belt ransoming them for a small amount of isk.

    But seriously, stop wasting you money on crap, get a job build a PC.

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