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@NST can we remove any non constructive posts and moderate this thread as I don't fancy it turning into a slanging match.

@Odimara Orca okay so you an Sysadmin for the VM infrastructure of a hospital with 6000 employees - good for you.

Seeing as you claim to know a thing our two about networking, perhaps you can provide some insight as to why certain ISP's provided hardware cause or contribute to game instability?

I mean it's not that I have gone out of my way and tested three routers, 2 from VM and one purchased at my own cost and proved the units from VM cause sync's and crashes.

I enjoy playing Neocron, Neocron does not like my hardware so I either stop playing, moan about it or do something to try and resolve the problems whilst sharing my findings with the community.

I would never advise a person to change their ISP for a game, but at the end of the day sometimes you get what you pay for, if you are gaming, as William Antrim quite rightly states - you would not skimp on a graphics card so why skimp on a router or ISP?
I can't be bothered doing an analysis when the issues are obviously server side.

My ISP used to be goverment subsedised about 20 years ago then was privatized. As a side effect it's the biggest one in my country with the largest infrastructure.

I'm not from Kongo. The Infrastructure here is pretty good.

And yet NC connection quality is worse then it was whem we had the player spike post-patch.

No changes in my Setup.

It's certainly more likely (like a 1000%) to be something Serverside than my Router.

Just look at how many people have issues.

And the answer is seriously to tell each and every one of them to get a new router or ISP?

If that many people have Issues (which intensified again over the last months) it's so obviously serverside it isn't even funny.