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    Default Please help. How to level new gentank?

    The starting grenade launcher does not deliver enough damage even to single mobs. How do I level my tank now? Should I use melee to start and then LOM? Really would like some advice here. I miss playing.

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    Nobody. Anyone? Not worth a single response to try and get a vet player playing again?

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    Melee is a good way to start off for certain. Killing insects in p1 is a safe and easy route.

    From there, kill aggressors in the cellar in p1/p2.

    Move to Military Base until you can use TL 70ish cannons; whether you want to use the lower TL cannons before that, I leave up to you.

    Finish capping at either CRP, El Farid, or Regant's Legacy (my personal favorite spot). You can use the geometry to stand in places where the mobs can't hit you and level for free essentially.

    Hope that helps m8.
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    I used to level my tanks by killing mutants in V1 cellars with the launcher for start.
    As soon as I could use the first Laser Cannon, switched to Agressors in P2.
    Thou I liked some places in Outzone better, P2 cellars are a very easy to handle location.

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    Yo's in P2. There's a door to your right (not the hatch on the floor). If you go through that, you can lob grenades down into the bodyguards on the level below. They are good XP (and cash from selling imps at Crytons, just around the corner). till you're in the 20s.

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    I would start my new gentank as driver, 16 recycle skill.

    After doing the mc5 area newbie weapon quest for better grenade launcher.

    I would go to my apartment and do the the Jones mission.

    After that i would buy player made grenade launcher str 23 and go Outzone 4 catwalk to kill mutants. 16 recycle skill is enough to make your ammo and medikits from start.

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