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    Default An idea on how to give back to the neocron team, that will benefit everyone.

    So, I have been talking to some players in game, and a seemingly common thing some people would like to be able to do is give back to the neocron team. As a way to show appreciation, and as a way to hopefully fund them, so they can have the means to fix issues easier (more staff, or incentive for more hours etc).

    With that being said, this seems to be a hard thing to accomplish. The game can't return to p2p, and it seems like donations are a complexity in Germany. With that being said, I would like to suggest the option of micro-transactions. A lot of companies are using this method now adays, and it might work out for neocron.

    Now I assume a lot of people will be like NOPE, not wanting to do a pay 2 win system in neocron. I would hate that as well.
    I came up with 2 ideas of how this could be accomplished without making it effect the game in a PVP aspect.

    The first idea is after seeing the topic of people wanting double xp in discord all the time would be what about the possibility of purchasing a XP Boost. Like let's day I want to buy a 1 week xp boost, all character on that account will get double xp for 1 week for an certain amount (to be determined).

    Another idea could possibly be a faction change for a small amount. Where they change your faction to that of the one you want, and give you a certain amount of reputation with that faction, or you could get rep with your own faction. These would obviously be a minor cost, since it doesn't take all that long to do in game, and would help those who don't want to farm the reputation, or have a horrible hq for doing so, etc.

    These were just a couple ideas.. of course none of it is flawless, would like feedback, or other suggestions, and if the community likes the idea, a response from the devs to see what the possibility of something like this happening would be?

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    Cosmetics are always the way to go if we're talking about microtransactions.

    Patreon is a thing nowadays too.
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    I discussed this with Xanthos in Discord ...

    Donation are possible but you have to call them Gift. Kinda confusing but its german Law thats a little complex in that point

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