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    I would like to suggest a Bandaid and other things for the current Balancing Problems NC is Facing :


    Armorvariation for all Classes:

    1.Give Alle Classes Different Armorsets
    for Fire , Poison , Energy Resists dont improve anything keep the Stats but interchange them

    Would Look Like this:
    for all Classes im just taking Monk Armor as an Example

    Crahn Blessed Spirit Helmet ( Energy) <-- current standart
    Force + 30 Piercing + 30 Fire + 15 Energy +61 Xray + 30

    Crahn Blessed Spirit Helmet ( Poison )
    Force + 30 Piercing + 30 Xray + 15 Poison +61 Fire + 30

    Crahn Blessed Spirit Helmet ( Fire )
    Force + 30 Piercing + 30 Energy + 15 Fire +61 Xray + 30

    Crahn Blessed Spirit Helmet ( Xray )

    Force + 30 Piercing + 30 Energy + 15 Xray +61 Fire + 30

    With this its gives in the Example the Monks a bit of Variation in their Skill and Armor settings so PvP doesnt get so focussed on one Dmg counter for every Class.
    It could be implemented / created by the Content Team with a very little help from Aegir or Zoltan because i think all know booth have problems IRL.(not blaming just stating facts, happens to all of us)

    2.Modable PAs / Armor (Xanthos Idea)

    a little more Complicated and harder to include into the game but would be great and nice Idea

    -very Expensiv and for Endgame only
    -buy a Blueprint for it at a vendor (no copying) "Moneysink for current broken Economy"
    -can be build/modded to the Players Choice with a Conster (Cstskill over 200 needed)
    -the base Stats are the same as the best armor atm but a fullmodded 5 Slot armor would be better(not extremly better)

    Would include Tradeskillers into the process and would give PvP and PvE a new Endgoal to have that shiny 5 Slot Armor



    Somehow i get the feeling other Players dont appreciate PPUs anymore and want them Nerved into the ground
    As a returning Player and a PPU who likes playing the Class somethings need to be looked into.

    A PPU is currently, read first everything and let me explain , Underpowered.
    -a PPU cant Harm others just Buff them and maybe give a broken DMG boost or Destealth others with a broken Truesight Sanctum booth Modules dont work well.
    -PPUs cant outrun other Classes not enough Dex or Con Levels for that(pls dont mention full Athletics its BS)

    In the Game there are counters to PPU Shields, if you dont use them shouldnt be so easy to kill a full Buffed/Shielded PPU

    Possible Solution

    -Make PPU Shields stronger again (Selfshields) shouldnt be possible to kill a class that cant harm others be so easy killable when you are alone
    -Make the Rare Shields better again so its useful to make a Full PPU and give them a reason to exist and not play Hybrid(Hybrids are still useful)
    -Fix the DMG Boost , or make it stronger (test it before)
    -Truesight Sanctum , increase the Range ( just a little ) , make the Frequence of the Debuff higher and the Duration shorter or make it so that u cant Stealth longer after you got hit by the Debuff (5-7,5 Seconds)


    APUs would be more welcome again because they are a little more useful with the Rare Antishield again

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    1 - I'm not sure this would be balanced enough to work.
    2 - I like the idea.
    3 - PPUs could use some Fire Resist. Not played one - but when I've fought them, they've seemed fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal View Post
    1 - I'm not sure this would be balanced enough to work.
    2 - I like the idea.
    3 - PPUs could use some Fire Resist. Not played one - but when I've fought them, they've seemed fine.
    1. if you interchange the resis on the armors so that there will be holes for other dmg types it would be balanced
    3. I dont mean totally underpowered , just a slight increase of selfshields so its a little harder and guys use the anti-injectors more or take a Apu with them to fights , even hybrids with deshields

    so it could mean there are not only tanks with devourers running around but spys and Apus again in fights

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