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    Default Potential Player Events

    I'd like to host a player event sometime during the week of 4/23. I'd like to get some ideas on what events would be best off with the current population/playtimes.

    Also, given that the stand-still bug still hasn't been resolved on Retail, I imagine a competitive tournament would be out of the question (though I have hosted one in the past and would host another if enough people want it).

    I was thinking either a FFA type event (I have a couple spots picked out that would be awesome) or some sort of Demolition Derby with teams of 2. I am open to other ideas as well.

    What I need from you (the community):
    -Feedback on which event you'd rather see
    -Which date/time works best for you and your group
    -What kind of entrance fee/prize pools you'd like to see
    -Sign up in this thread so I can get an idea of how big/small the event will be
    -GM Support (such as removing Mobs from an area/changing it to a Battlefield Sector)
    -Spread the word and try to get some of the inactive groups (Wolf Pack, GP, SOAD) to come have a good time as well


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    well I made a decent suggestion, but it seems to have vanished, no clue why?

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    another suggestion would be something like what Inglorious Bastards (Terrarists) did a while back
    is a video of the event, was a lot of fun actually
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    Drone racing through city?

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    I did think Drone Racing before.

    However, the one thing I was thinking is how to you ensure someone's not cheating. Different drones for each player, and someone at checkpoints I guess.

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    Sign up for the event on Sunday; got a lot of feedback from people in game and it seems FFA is what most people wanted. Will definitely consider some of these events for the future.

    The Melee Pusher

    Patiently waiting when I can use a Greatsaber in the wastes of Neocron

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