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    Default PVE and PVP fixes

    1. Non-rares and rares do not reflect damage based on TL level. Large differences in TL should equate to large damage per second (DPS) and/or higher burst damage, not just handling/aiming faster differences. This affects nearly all weapons.
    2. WoC weapons should have damage which reflects the higher TL requirement.
    3. AoE. You already know about this. Rockets should be realistic, and not go ‘sideways’. Ever see a rocket launcher that behaves like an NC rocket launcher? Didn’t think so. Make the rocket launcher load time way longer if you want to nerf it. Damage should be on par with a real life rocket launcher (how many times should a car/person be able to survive a hit…)
    4. Make it easier for people to fly and shoot people in gliders and similar vehicles. Make them be able to ‘glide’ slower for example. Make it player controllable.
    5. GR double click virus… a few variations on this, but going somewhere when you don’t want to, getting SI and paying 500NC but going nowhere, etc.
    6. Hacknet points… the number of ‘nodes’ you get should expand with more points in hacknet.
    7. Double death in hacknet… you died.. but then you die again.
    8. Gaia mine first ladder in F13. Try going down then right back up. If you have no trouble, you are the exception. Just see how many belts are down BEHIND the ladder for evidence.
    9. Grenades: they don’t do enough damage, and shouldn’t have heavy combat requirements. Fix them so grenades do something.

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    1 & 2 are currently part of the balancing work being done by Development. It's a long process.
    3 is something that I'm paying attention to at the moment.
    5 is in the Bug section
    6 & 7 there's a large suggestion on Hacknet improvements here
    9 See 3 for the damage.
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