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    It would be so awesome if loot sharing worked along side of vehicle sharing. Let's say two or more players are hunting together. It would be ever so much better if they didnt have to get 'permission' to hop in and out. One 'easy' solution would be to tie this to the new 'team' loot sharing. Would be fantastic change Safer so we get less deaths from 'did not receive permission in time'.

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    Along the same lines of my post...
    Quote Originally Posted by JoshCooper View Post
    Interacting with vehicles that are any more then a single seat is cumbersome currently.

    How about changing vehicles when the owner interacts with it they are auto placed in the driver seat (or highest number seat they are able to use; driver / gunner / passenger 1 / passenger 2 / etc).

    I think there should then be keybind options to change seats without getting out (e.g. 1 - 10 as quickbelt is disabled when in a vehicle).

    Finally I'd build upon the lock seats function to include "open all / open team" options vehicle so other players can interact and auto be placed in the highest free seat without having to ask for permission.

    Nice to see more people wanting vehicle updates!

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    I like the idea and it would make it easier, if i have to exit to hack and then can reenter a vehicle without to ask for permission

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